live oak treeEditor’s Note– Today seems like a perfect day for publishing poems, so we’re choosing this day in April to celebrate "Poetry Month" in America. This is an item I’ve been saving, from Mike in South Africa. He wrote it in 1998 and he never finished it. When he sent it to me in February he said, "Readers can add their own additions and maybe something good will come of it."

I love it and think you might have some brilliant additions. Here is his poem, Time Turns

Time turns

Friends into enemies
Enemies into friends
Friends into lovers
Lovers into friends
Experience into wisdom
Profits to loss
Losses into profit
Amateurs into professional
Failure into success
Success into failure


Marches on
Cannot be turned back
Is bought and sold
Has come
Heals injury
Soften hurts
Heals mourners
Repays debt
Builds goodwill
Develops skill
Makes streetwise
Endows 20/20 vision
Adds flavour to food
Too much destroys
Marches on
Matures brandy whisky wine

Time makes

Young people old
Old people young
Fools out of experts
Heroes out of mavericks
Good decisions bad
Bad decisions good
Good investments worthless
Worthless ones good
Hot relationships warm
Warm ones cold
Soft hard
Hard soft

Time builds

Loyalty and trust

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