On April 23rd eight major UK companies joined with Tony Blair to unveil We’re in this Together, a campaign to provide consumers with compelling products and simple solutions for individuals that make it easier to reduce their CO2 emissions. Together, as citizens, people can watch on the Web site as the amount of global warming gases decrease with each solution implemented…

An unprecedented demonstration of support from retailers, banking, media and service providers from across the UK will provide both ideas for behavioral change and practical solutions for consumers to help them reduce their household emissions by one ton over three years. B&Q, Barclaycard, British Gas, Marks & Spencer, O2, Royal & SunAlliance, BSkyB & Tesco have all united behind this initiative, with more brands set to join throughout 2007 including HSBC and National Express.

The campaign is spearheaded by The Climate Group, which sets the targets and measures change through the length of the program, as it offers advice to households.

Research shows that people feel powerless when faced with the challenge of climate change, but Dr. Steve Howard, CEO of The Climate Group said: “These companies have developed solutions which allow consumers to do their bit."

"The success of the campaign will rest on reaching as many people as possible, not just the usual audience for green initiatives," said Howard. "We can only deal with climate change if we do it together.”

Should every UK household take up the campaign initiatives, there is a potential saving of 25 million tons of CO2, more than the combined emissions of Scotland and Wales.

The Church of England has officially joined We’re in this Together and today is publishing a practical guide called, "How many lightbulbs does it take to change a Christian?"

Here is the "Show me Solutions" page on their Web site, www.together.com.

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