There is a website with almost 7,000 polaroid photos documenting 18 wonderful years of a man’s life.



The photos document the life of Jamie Livingston – a photographer, independent filmmaker, musician, and dedicated husband living in New York City.



The photos start in April 1979 and provide a glimpse into each day, until he died of cancer on October 25th, 1997 – his 41st birthday.



Jamie used his SX-70 camera to document meals, objects, friends, family, the beauty of New York, and significant events – like his wedding day.



Jamie brought his camera wherever he went. As one friend
said, “It probably helped his social life because everyone wanted to be in his ‘photo of the day’.”



After his death, his friends Hugh Crawford and Betsy Reid used his crates of photographs to create an art exhibit with all of his polaroids—and a Polaroid of the Day website.

You can find out more about the life of Jamie Livingston by reading this blog post written by his friend or checking out the website, where visitors often enjoy looking up the photos that correspond with their birthdays.

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