These North Carolina communities would have been toast if it weren’t for firefighting teams from 24 different states surging in to extinguish a rampant wildfire blaze.

The Party Rock Wildfire consumed almost 8,000 forest acres and threatened 1,200 homes during its 25-day streak last month. More than 700 firefighters were working around-the-clock to make sure no one was injured and no buildings were harmed.

When the blaze was finally extinguished on November 29th, North Carolina communities came together to make a heartwarming thank you video for the brave volunteers that kept their neighborhoods safe.

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“Our entire town was turned upside down, but SAVED by firefighters from all over the country, more than 700 of them,” Valerie Hoffman told Good News Network. “We had no individual way to thank all of those firefighters who came to help us, so we created this video.”

“I think we live in a time when that level of deep thanks is simply missing for those who risk it all to save the rest of us,” added Hoffman.

(WATCH the video below)


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