trash man hugs boyAt the age of four, some boys love super heroes. Some love football. Some love everything. Mycal Bickings of Levittown, Pennsylvania has only one passion — trash trucks — and your heart will melt when you see the relationship he has with the trash collectors who come to his home every Thursday. His father made a video in honor of the boy’s “Buddies” because the town hired a new waste company and last week’s was the last garbage pickup at Mycal’s house.

It started two years ago when Mycal started waiting by the window on the scheduled trash day. Trashmen Derrick Hill and Camay Ulysse began noticing the little boy and waving. His mother was so touched that she wrote a note to Republic Services, praising the two employees for their excellent work and caring attitude.

In return, Republic Services asked Derrick and Camay to deliver some trash coloring books and a few miniature toy trash cans for the boy to play with, and thus was forged a unique bond – a bond so sweet that it may even last beyond the New Year when a new company begins trash collection in Bristol Township.

On their last day of pick-up, the workers in their bright yellow vests allowed the boy to throw some of the trash into the back of the truck and lifted him up to start the compactor machine, while his parents shot some video.

After high fives and hugs — the twirling around kind of hugs — the two drove away waving to the youngster clinging to his toy trash truck in the driveway. Even though they won’t be picking up the Bickings’ trash, Hill and Ulysse promised to return to see their ‘buddy’.

(WATCH the video below from Mycal’s dad)

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