In part 8 of our series on Cultivating an Attitude of Gratitiude, Harry Tucker explores the quality of character perhaps most needed for expressing gratitude in tough times.

The D in GRATITUDE stands for Diligence. In the fast-paced world we live in, it’s not easy to live a life of gratitude without effort. Every one of us, no matter how enlightened we are and how grateful we are, experience moments when our belief system is challenged and we question why we should be grateful for something that we are not particularly happy about…


What is necessary during moments like these is the diligence to push through the challenge and will oneself to look for the positive in one’s situation. Sometimes we have to exercise diligence on someone else’s behalf to help them see the positive in a situation.

If we do not demonstrate diligence in trying to reap a positive message out of a negative situation, we are telling Life that we are not grateful for the opportunity to learn something new or to stretch ourselves in some way. When we push away life’s opportunities to grow enough times, our perception of Life changes and we start questioning why Life is always stepping on us.

If we continue striving for understanding of Life’s lessons and working hard to improve ourselves based on the challenges at hand, especially when times are difficult, then we accumulate more coping skills for the next challenge and find that Life rewards us for our diligence. Then, we can, in turn, be grateful all over again.
Take care and be well. Harry Tucker

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