Title: Super Learning and Pushing the Limits

The Lesson: This guy knows a thing or two about achieving the impossible – and he wants you to be able to do the same thing. In this fascinating interview, Tim Ferriss asks several questions that he believes will give you the tools to overcome anything; such as “what if you did the opposite for 48 hours?” and “if you could only work for 2 hours per week, what would you work on?”

Notable Excerpt: “Ask yourself: ‘What can I learn from the people I hate the most?’ Now, this does two things – it forces you to separate your morality from your search for effectiveness; and it also helps you to develop some degree of empathy – and those two things are very powerful.”

The Guest: Over the course of his career, Ferriss has become a one-time national Chinese kickboxing champion, a lecturer at Princeton University, a professional breakdancer on MTV, a horseback archer, and a multimillionaire author, motivational speaker, and investor. If that isn’t impressive enough, his critically-acclaimed podcast, the Tim Ferris Show, was also voted #1 in its category on iTunes.

The Host: Tom Bilyeu is the American entrepreneur responsible for co-founding Quest Nutrition: a health food brand that has been called the second fastest growing company in North America. Additionally, he is the co-founder and host of Impact Theory: a podcast dedicated towards educating the masses about business and success.

PocastImpact Theory is available for free listening and download on iTunes and YouTube.

(LISTEN to Ferriss’s inspiring talk below) – Editor’s note: podcast contains mild cursing

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