bomb-dog-honored.jpgTreo, a black lab trained by the British Army has earned top military honors for his bomb-sniffing duty in Afghanistan. For 8 years, the dog located scores of bombs concealed by the Taliban, saving countless lives. Treo now gets to retire and live a comfortable life.

Watch the video below, or at MSNBC


  1. Great story- Treo is truly a hero, as are all the brave men and women these animals take care of- God bless all of them, Treo, all the animals who do this work, and the family and friends of everyone involved and everyone in the military- we are so proud of you and respect your bravery, service, and hard work!!:-) My grandpa is a World War II veteran (almost 98 years old and doing amazingly, God bless him), so I really respect soldiers a lot, as my grandpa is a really brave and wonderful person and has been like a second dad to me since my wonderful father died 9 years ago this Sunday. My mom, dad, family, friends, and my wonderful boyfriend Brad are so amazing, and I thank God for them and for everyone’s happiness and health!!!:-)