Tube Trains LondonAt a recent government inquest into what went wrong when a train car derailed in London and killed seven people on May 10, there was also discussion of what went right.

“The impact of the accident may well have been far worse, had it not been for a number of ordinary people who did a number of extraordinary things that day,” said a reporter for the BBC News Service.

The inquest heard how fellow train passengers, waiting travellers, passers-by, rail workers, off-duty emergency employees and staff from nearby businesses all put their own fears aside and dashed to the aid of those affected by the derailment.

The judge at the hearing made a point of highlighting these acts of kindness during the inquest, offering an official public ‘Thank You’, and said it was “gratifying” to recognize the remarkable response from local people and passengers.

(READ more about the kind acts in BBC News)

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