A Boston Globe reporter was swamped with notes from people reacting to his story on Patrick Conway, a dying homeless man taken in by a hospital. Conway entered hospice care Wednesday afternoon. Here are a few of the messages, and the address to which to send cards: Globe Update. Thanks to Andrew in the UK for the tip!


  1. Here’s my fav so far.

    “CHANGING STEREOTYPES: “It is wonderful that people will have an opportunity, through your article, to see beyond the stereotype of people who are homeless and living on the streets, to the human being inside. My heart goes out to this man and I thank him, too, for sharing some of his life with me. Please let him know I will include him in my prayers. His life has now graced mine.”
    Christine Spaulding, M.Ed, RN, LADC
    Gilmanton, N.H.”

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