vulcan-bomber.jpgThe world’s last airworthy Vulcan bomber has been saved at the eleventh hour thanks to an anonymous donation of more than £400,000.

Before the surprise gift, the future was looking bleak for the iconic aircraft, based at RAF Lyneham in Wiltshire and owned by a charity, Vulcan to the Sky Trust.

“There’s a massive sigh of relief from all who love this brilliant aircraft.”

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  1. I had to think this through… It is very patriotic for the Brits as this is an all-British made plane. There is a charity that has committed itself to keeping the plane flying in air shows. They were all going to have to give in to failure if the gentleman hadn’t stepped in with a tremendous donation. The joy the charity felt filled me with gratitude.

  2. but its a story related to war and about a plane designed to destroy people and property. it will be a good story when we have no more monuments to war that stir feelings of patriotism.

  3. I still disagree. This story is only related to war through several degrees of separation. Might you feel the same way about a story featuring US soldiers in Iraq building playgrounds for kids? Or, hospitals for the sick?

    A man was selfless, and extremely generous. The patriotism was a pride in a England’s (once strong?) industrial and technical capacity.

    I know people want to be all Utopian and hear only of peace, but that is contained in only one tiny corner of a whole wonderful world in which I enjoy finding heartfelt good news.

  4. playgrounds and hospitals are monuments to life, health, and peace. to fund a monument to a warplane and the nation’s patriotic pride in its capacity to wage war is neither peaceful nor healthy

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