Thank you flyer on wallet returnedThis picture, posted recently on, was photographed in New York City where someone was thrilled to have their wallet returned and desperately wanted to thank the human who was responsible.

After reposting the photo on Facebook, it sparked dozens of people chiming in with stories of their own about kind strangers returning wallets, purses and iphones left behind in every situation.

This might be a silent epidemic — a contagion of good news to which no one gives enough attention. Little drops of holy water that when collected in one place create an ocean of goodliness.

Check out the stream of stories below that restored our faith in humanity over the last 15 hours on the GNN Facebook Page

Katie Ackers-Schrock– I have lost my wallet twice in my life: once on an airplane and once in a NYC can. Both times it was mailed back to me anonymously with money and everything still inside…go humans indeed!

Geri Weis-Corbley– I just found a wallet today at our mailbox. I looked for an address (a couple blocks away) and dropped it off.
Likes · 65 · 16 hours ago

Drea Molloy– We returned a wallet that had 300 dollars in it.
Likes · 9 · 14 hours ago

Kimberly Smart Lavine– At Paul Simon’s 1991 Concert in Central Park I lost my wallet. It was returned to me in the mail! I tell EVERYONE this story! Go Humans!
Likes · 11 · 16 hours ago

Ilya Bass– Same thing happened to me this week. Left my wallet on the roof of my car. It fell on the road. A nice lady saw it, stopped her car to pick it up, and located me to return it. Go Humans!
Likes · 9 · 16 hours ago

Carole Sargent– Left my wallet in a Car2Go this summer and the next renter returned it. Go humans!
Likes · 7 · 15 hours ago via mobile

Betty Rohloff– There are good people in this world. When getting gas a couple days ago, I accidentally dropped my credit card and didn’t realize it until later. I went back to the service station and someone had found it and turned it in. I was so grateful as I am a senior with limited income.
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Marlene Zack– I had put “home” on my cellphone contact list, so the person who found it (before I knew it was missing) knew how to get in touch with me and returned the phone.
Likes · 4 · 15 hours ago

Jennifer Rigdon– In graduate school I twice (!) lost my purse. Both times it was turned in by a fellow student. Likes · 3 · 15 hours ago

Marlo Montabon– I left mine outside on the bench at Jones. They were doing some painting at the time, and one of the painters turned it in to security. A Jones associate, yeah, but even the painters! I was a little surprised and a lot delighted!
Likes · 3 · 12 hours ago

Rhonda Aronwald– Someone did this for me too, once. They even left the cash in it.
Likes · 4 · 12 hours ago via mobile

Angie Ray Choate– I left my purse in the gift shop at a park. Someone turned it in and they looked me up using the info on my license and called me. I went and got it the next day, nothing was missing. Go humans!
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Linda Marquez Schmidt– Indeed Humanity, you are great!
Likes · 2 · 12 hours ago

Rebecca Kelly– My husband once left his wallet on top of the car and drove off. A lovely guy who saw it lying in the middle of the road (quite a long way from our house), stopped, picked it up and drove it over to our house to return it with everything inside. He had a bit of a chuckled when he heard how it got there!Likes · 3 · 13 hours ago

Jennifer Landry- 8 years ago I dropped my wallet in the Walmart parking lot. And someone turned it in to customer service. I didn’t even realize I lost it till they called my name on the intercom.
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Andrea Ivory– Many years ago someone broke in a friends car and stole my Gucci purse that was hidden under the seat with cash and credit cards, someone later found and returned the purse using my address from my DL, surprisingly everything was still there. Go humans!
Likes · 2 · 14 hours ago

Deb Emerson I’ve had a man chase me out of a grocery store with my purse that I’d left in the seat. Huffing and puffing as he reached my door to tell me, ma’am you left this in your cart.
Likes · 3 · 5 hours ago via mobile

Kerry Hooks- Once, hubby and I were flat broke and we went to the base for the free movie… didn’t even have money for popcorn or a drink… I was waking behind some guy and a $20 bill came flying out of his bag… Hubby thought it was a gift from God. I tapped the guy on the shoulder and said, “This came out of your bag…” Oh hubby was NOT happy with me but I explained to him that if you do bad and dishonest things, you will reap bad and dishonest things. (Now had the money been on the ground and I didn’t know where it came from, I would have kept it) but I knew that if I kept it, it would be stealing… and I was raised in a Christian home and know that what you sow, you will reap… (you can call it, what goes around comes around or karma)…
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Sue Wilson-Schmitz– This happened to my 10 year old son- he lost his wallet at the public outdoor market and somebody looked inside, found his school ID and returned it to his school- THAT NEXT DAY! His few bucks were still there too. ASTOUNDING!
Likes · 2 · 9 hours ago

Nancy Nash– I left my purse on top of the car twice, it fell off twice, and was turned in to the police station, with everything there, including the $. Go humans, indeed!
Likes · 2 · 10 hours ago

cell-phone-lostAmy Roberts- To me, handing in a wallet with the cash and everything in tact, is no big deal. I’ve done it heaps of times. It shouldn’t be seen as something above the ordinary, it should just be a normal thing we do.
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Lara Chho– How fortunate are we here in Japan that this is matter of fact! Just this morning I unknowingly dropped my wallet in a crowded waiting room. A kind gentleman ran after me to return it. Likes · 3 · via mobile

Sharon Sinisi– my daughter left her purse in a bus shelter and when she got to her placement she called me crying and asked me to go to the shelter and see if it was still there I went to the shelter and it wasn’t there I asked a bus driver if anyone had turned in a purse and he said as a matter of fact it was found by a lady and she gave it to the bus driver of the bus she boarded . So he gave me the bus drivers cell number and I called him and met up with him at one of his stops . There are good people in this world—–everything was in there. The lady didn’t give her name , a shame cause I really would have liked to get her something to thank her.
Likes · 2 · 12 hours ago

Bridget Cameron– lost my drivers license in Newark, NJ airport and it was returned to me after a week on vacation in NYC! Love you guys on the east coast!
Likes · 3 · 13 hours ago

Sheila Trice- There’s more honesty in the human race than its given credit .
Likes · 3 · 13 hours ago via mobile

Theresa Skinner– Not many people would…thanks to all the that has a caring heart !
Likes · 2 · 14 hours ago via mobile

Diane C. Rogers– I left my purse at a gas station 100 miles from home but didn’t notice until several hours later. Everything was still in it when I picked it up from their office the next morning.

Smiley face flagDana Risa Dinsmore– There IS hope for us!!
· 15 hours ago

Sandy Spears Griffin– See that… many Good people out there but the media only reports the bad in the world.
· 3 hours ago

Kathy Davies Data Stewart– Really nice!!!!! Sometimes humans fall short…..its nice to c that we can still be good
Likes · 1 · 4 hours ago via mobile

Khristina Barker– While we are on the subject, thank you to the sweet homeless man that carried twelve bags of trash from in the front of the building I was cleaning (in soaring heat), and didn’t go dig through them looking for recyclables. You made my day! Bless you!!!
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Helen Pinchen– I also had my purse returned to my house with everything intact. Gave them some money to shout them some drinks. they wouldn’t take anything more.
11 hours ago

Linda Dann– I left my purse hanging on the door of a porta potty at a Patriots football game. Ran back just as some guy was exiting to see my purse still hanging on the door. Whew! And go Patriots!
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Diane Nichols Avent– I left my purse in a shopping bag outside KMart once and someone took it inside and they called me!!!
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love helping teeshirt-Seed2NeedPhotoAngela Koenigsberg– Someone brought my wallet to me in Brooklyn once.
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Jack Hayes– Happened to me two weeks ago… Good still remains… However minutely.
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Kimberly Lyons Green– Go humans!
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Dena Pettry– I’ve also found more than one laying around and returned both! I believe in karma! lol I hope someone would do the same for me!
Likes · 2 · 11 hours ago

Julie Hendrickson– So cool they took the time to make and post the gratitude sign!!
Likes · 1 · 12 hours ago

Annie Clark– I had the contents of a stolen bookbag gathered up from along a roadside fence & mailed to me…none of it was valuable to the thief, but most of it was to me! Go, humans!
…and I left my purse on the car once, too! Got it back, they brought inside to the place I had just left- my job! Go Humans!
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Marilyn Wilson– had mine taken at Macy’s in NYC-by time I got back to OH it had been returned in the mail!
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Virginia Park– My sister and I once found an iPad in a cart outside a grocery store and turned it in to lost and found there. The guy behind the counter gave us a confused thank you, as if he was surprised we were turning it in. Its very sad that people have to be surprised by little things like that, but the thought never occurred to us to take it. Turning it over was the only thing we thought to do.
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Cátia Rocha Afonso– There is hope for humans after all!!!
· about an hour ago

Kris Dickson– i have found them on top of the mailbox — I just put it into their mail box!· about an hour ago

Sharon Simpson- Love that we are hearing lots of good stories about honest people.
· 3 hours ago via mobile

Jackie Falletti – I found a zippered money pouch today at the bank and turned it into the teller there.
· 10 hours ago

Sandra J. Clifford- Left my iphone and wallet at a department store on a stack of sweaters I was looking at. Both returned. FULL Faith in Humans and this amazing experience we call Life!
Likes · 3 · 13 hours ago

Diane C. Rogers- I left my purse at a gas station 100 miles from home but didn’t notice until several hours later. Everything was still in it when I picked it up from their office the next morning.
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· 15 hours ago

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