What is the Writers Guild strike all about? Fairness. Take a look at this cool video that explains the issue… Thanks to Heather (a writer and producer) for sharing their story.


  1. Very well done. It’s clear they’re not asking for much, and they should get what they’re asking for.

    Writers too often get a bad deal. I remember when I started out as a freelance writer 14 years ago, I was making pennies on the dollar. On one occasion I didn’t even get paid. I expected $20 or $25 for a piece I wrote for a small parenting magazine. Instead, because I didn’t specify payment in my letter, they “paid” me in two copies of their magazine. I learned my lesson!

    Can you imagine this happening to a doctor or teacher? Of course not. Unfortunately, artists, writers, actors, and many others are expected by some to give up their talent for free. I’m glad to see these writers stand up for their rights. Good luck to them!

  2. Have no problem getting something for nothing, but not when it deprives someone from their rightful income. It is not the consumers who deprive the Guild, it is Corporate Greed. Someone should start a Petition so we all can flood Congress.

  3. My husband who is an accomplished musician gets better payouts if he makes sure they know he did more than just write the music. It is sad how much more a publisher can get over the writer.

    One note about music, there was a pic of the Beatles. That probably isn’t the best picture to use. Not to be negative since this is the home of good news, but their love of R&B made them money where most R&B/Soul/Blues artists at that time and from the begining never got credits paid ($) to them at all. However, maybe that was the point, people know this so seeign the picture gets them more amped up to support writers.

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