With the tagline “share the good”, Jean Trebek has co-founded and launched an LA-based website called insidewink.

Insidewink focuses on hope, inspiration and creativity and Jean says her website comes just in time—stressing “goodness and unity, in a time where we truly need each.”

The website, mentioned on Good Morning America during an interview with her husband Alex, host of the TV game show Jeopardy, includes short stories and blogs written by a team of writers, and features the works of artists, local businesses, visionaries and musicians.

“Our goal is to create community”, Mrs. Trebek explains. “We all share the same things – the desire to be seen, heard, accepted and respected. We want to focus on that.”

The articles range from humorous (how gum can set you free) to poignant (how breast cancer can change a life) and all reflect the “beauty” of the human condition.

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Jean’s life path has centered on spiritual and social consciousness. As a spiritual practitioner for the last decade, she has led “life-changing retreats”—and her husband is familiar with the category. “Alex knows that this is my passion—reaching out to others, creating a space for peace and love, allowing people’s stories to be heard.”

The content on the website changes nearly daily, with public interest and requests for submissions on the rise. Jean confesses, “The amount of people asking to be a part of insidewink.com is very pleasantly surprising”

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And what does the word “insidewink” mean? “We made it up to symbolize the love in me acknowledging the love in you. There comes a point where we need to see the best in each other… We are all in this together, so let’s move with the goodness that we all have.”

Give Your Friends an Inside Wink, and Share This on Social Media (Photo of Alex in 2012 by ANDERS KRUSBERG, CC license)

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