This new study asserts that not only is renewable energy good for the health of the earth – it is also good for human health.

The research, which was published in Nature Energy, showed that the utilization of wind and solar energy helped to prevent up to 12,700 premature deaths over a 9-year period.

According to researchers at Elsevier, burning fossil fuels releases tiny harmful particles into the air creating pollution, which is known to cause premature death. Policies that aim to reduce our consumption of fossil fuels like coal often cite the potential health benefits – and related cost savings – linked to reducing toxic emissions.

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An increase in 10 micrograms per cubic meter of air pollution particles can cut a person’s life expectancy by 9 to 11 years – more than previously thought.

In addition to positive health benefits, the researchers estimate that the renewables are worth between $5.3 billion and $106.8 billion in “cumulative climate benefits” over the course of the 9-year period.

Should the USA continue to invest in sustainable energy, researchers expect that the number of Americans positively affected by the shift will increase.

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