joy-jumper.jpgWhen the owners of Chicago-area based Republic Window and Door closed their doors in December 2008 it looked like another casualty of the economy. But the 250 factory workers couldn’t have been more thrilled when a new owner negotiated with the union and agreed to hire back the workers at their former rate of pay.

Serious Materials, a manufacturer of high-efficiency, green windows came in and is purchasing the plant from the former owners, putting the former workers back into their jobs. 

(Full report at New York Times)

Photo courtesy of Sun Star 


  1. I apologize. The headline should say, “Window Factory to Re-open and Hired Back Laid off Workers.” When the factory was closed back in December 2008 the workers staged a sit in because Bank of America withheld their severance pay. The sit-in got national attention and the workers were paid. This new twist is even happier because all those workers will get their jobs back.


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