This video of a wolf-like cry soothing a baby evokes something mystical from deep within our collective history. Quite magical in its effect, too.

Posted on YouTube more than a year ago, a Good News reader from Alaska named, wwwoolf (not making that up), finally sent the link to me yesterday. Enjoy.

(Does anyone know to what exact species this animal belongs?)




  1. Yes that is a Siberian Husky (not a Malamute). I have three… 3 have passed on in recent years including my heart dog Tundra who had Iditarod racing blood in her. They are amazing and unique canines. Unlike other northern breeds, and dogs in general, Siberians were bred by the Chukchi people of Siberia not only to be amazing sled dogs but just as much, to be companions to children. It was Siberians via musher L. Seppala who saved the children of Nome Alaska in 1925, esp. due to the heroism of the lead dog Togo, who led almost the entire way, going lame to fulfill his job (almost as if he knew it was for children not a mere race) and Balto who took over the last few miles and into Nome.

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