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It’s been a string of scoring goals and breaking records for these American athletes.

The World Cup-winning U.S. Women’s Soccer Team is set to make history once again today as the first women’s team in any sport honored with a ticker tape parade through New York City’s “Canyon of Heroes.”

On Sunday, in the international finals against Japan, Midfielder Carlie Lloyd became the first World Cup player — man or woman — to score three goals in less than 16 minutes.pole_vaulter_Charlotte_Brown-by-JamieOberg-UILintern

17-Year-Old Blind Pole Vaulter Wins Bronze at State Championship


The 5-2 victory also marked the first time that any country has won three Women’s World Cups

Private donations have raised $450,000 for the parade, and the city will pay the rest of the $2 million cost — including the 400 people hired to clean up all that paper dropped along the route.

The campaign to give the women’s team a parade kicked off even before the championship game began in Vancouver, British Columbia, starting with a phone call from an aide to former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg to current Mayor Bill de Blasio. Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer also campaigned for the parade in an open letter to the mayor and New York City’s First Lady, Chirlane McCray chimed in with a tweet saying “The people have spoken.”


The name “ticker tape” comes from old stock tickers, which printed out market information on long, paper tapes. It was an easy source of scrap paper to shower on parade participants from windows high above the route inNew York’s Financial District.

Since the tickers have been obsolete for more than 50 years, the Women’s Soccer Team will be showered with paper from shredders and confetti handed out by the city along the mile-and-a-half route to city hall.

The fun kicks off at 11:00 this morning.

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