hummus.jpg50 Arab and Jewish chefs have served up a world record for cooking hummus in the name of Middle East peace.

Cooks from both sides of Israel’s religious divide filled an eight-meter-wide satellite dish with four tons of the dip, nearly doubling the Guinness world record set in Lebanon.

The man behind this latest idea, Jawdat Ibrahim, an Israeli multimillionaire, has devoted his life to promoting co-existence since winning an American lottery years ago. His message seems to be: “Give chickpeas a chance”. (Read his inspiring story here.)

According to an interview in the Jerusalem Post, the town of Abu Gosh is a place where coexistence already permeates. “You have Jews, Arabs, Christians, everyone together here. And with an event like this,  Arab and Jewish chefs from restaurants within Abu Gosh put aside their own competitive spirits, as blue and white balloons were released, along with several white doves.

Hummus is a healthy Mediterranean dip made from chick peas, olive oil, garlic, tahini (sesame paste), lemon and salt. 

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