OSU dulse seaweed bacon -OSU release

What grows quickly in tanks, qualifies as a superfood, and is environmentally friendly?

Believe it or not, if you guessed bacon, you are not entirely wrong.

After 15 years of growing the super-seaweed, researchers at Oregon State University have patented a new strain of dulse, red marine algae that looks like translucent red lettuce.

The real kicker is that once it’s cooked, it actually smells and tastes like bacon, too.Haas Avocado BoardPhoto

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OSU researchers say their variety can be eaten fresh and is packed with protein, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants – with twice the nutritional value of kale. Other wild strains of dulse, growing along ocean coastlines, are normally used in a dried form for cooking or nutritional supplements.

Several Portland-area chefs are now testing the new dulse in their kitchens, and some predict bacon-flavored seaweed ‘farming’ could become a potential new industry for Oregon. (MBA students at the university are working on a marketing plan for pitching to the food industry soon.)

(WATCH video below from KPTV or READ more from Oregon State) – Photo: Oregon State University

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