Jonathan Quiñonez has never been much of a texter – so as a way of keeping in contact with his mother while he toured the world, he created a photo series to let her know that he was doing just fine.



The 27-year-old had worked as a consultant in Belgium when he got tired of the monotony and decided to hit the road.



Since his plane landed in Cuba in March, Jonathan has gone scuba diving in Panama, hiking in Machu Picchu, sky diving in Mexico, and surfing in Brazil.



His 62-year-old mother isn’t the only one who fell in love with the photos either – Jonathan now has 178,000 Instagram followers keeping up with his adventures.




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  1. I like this news story because basically I like the approach of this man’s messages to his mother. I feel I need to reassure people that I am fine and I appreciate Jonathan Quiñonez’s approach very much.

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