IMG_0133.jpgI am writing to remind you about the life-affirming income opportunity about which I have recorded a LIVE conference call.

We could all use additional thousands of dollars each month that would never go away, even if illness or disability should strike. However, the real beauty of the brand new venture I am joining is that our involvement not only promises extra income, but also improved health and freedom from fear.
Only available to residents of US, Canada, Mexico and Colombia.

There are two men — giants in their fields of business and health — who have recently joined forces, determined to make this a billion dollar business and share the opportunity with us. (Imagine if you had bought hundreds of shares of Apple, Inc. 15 years ago?)

One of the men, a hero of mine and perhaps the best known spiritual-wellness doctor on the planet, is Deepak Chopra.

I simply want to give you a heads-up about this profit potential, in case you want to join too. After all, you have supported GNN, and I want to help you succeed, if I can.

The recorded conference call will give you a full description so you can decide for yourself if you are interested.

Here’s wishing you prosperity, good health, and joy!

~ Geri Weis-Corbley
(Founder, editor, Good News Network)

Conference Playback
(to hear the recording of the LIVE event)
Playback Number:      (641) 715-3413
Access Code:      920659

E-mail me if you have questions or want to sign-up. It requires very little investment:
gw (at)


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