I remember the compassion that sprung up on 9/11 and in the weeks following.

In those days, I was regularly printing a newsletter, “Some Good News!”

There were so many inspiring stories in the days following September 11, 2001 that I produced a tribute edition to pay homage to all the amazing acts of kindness that had blossomed around the globe…

The stories of a Las Vegas coach service, the Maine restaurant owners and their special donation, German soldiers saluting from a ship at sea, and the amazing story of Gander, the tiny Newfoundland town that welcomed thousands of stranded airline passengers with open arms: All these little stories will make you remember that special feeling of oneness.

You can download (or print) the 8-page edition of “Some Good News” (Fall, 2001) at the following link: 9/11 Commemorative Newsletter.

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