Mississippi boy saves drowning girlWhen their teacher asks the students in his class, ‘What did you do on your summer vacation,’ ten-year-old Austin Beach will have them all gaping with wide eyes.

On July 18, his family was vacationing in Destin, Florida. It was Austin’s birthday and he couldn’t wait to dive into the pool. When he did, he discovered a toddler limp at the bottom of the pool.

The hotel’s security video revealed a four-year-old girl had wandered away from her mom and fallen in. She struggled for more than a minute, makes it to the surface and gasps for air, then sinks and becomes still.

The Mississippi boy opened his eyes underwater. “I saw her laying right there on the bottom of the pool, by the drain… (and) I went to go save her.”

The Inn at Crystal Beach gave the family a complimentary three-night stay and on Friday, the Okaloosa Sheriff’s office honored him for heroism.

(WATCH or READ the story at WEAR-TV)


  1. Great job! Weird how for a minute with about 10 folks around her, no one noticed the 4-year old in trouble. Folks can definitely get over-absorbed in their own lives, I guess. I’m also guessing a couple adults did see the child and just didn’t watch her long enough to realize she was drowning. Anyway, tragedy avoided. 10-year olds rock!

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