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Alexis Manigo had grown up in South Carolina leading a fairly unassuming life – that is, until police swarming her house informed her that she had been kidnapped from another family 18 years ago.

Born Kamiyah Mobley, she was only eight hours old when Gloria Williams, a woman disguised as a nurse, plucked her from the cradle at a Jacksonville, Florida hospital.

Her biological parents, Craig Aiken and Shanara Mobley, were shocked when they discovered that their lost baby girl had been found. According to the New York Times, the couple had been storing a piece of birthday cake in the freezer every year for their daughter’s birthday since her disappearance.

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“It’s stressful to wake up every day, knowing that your child is out there and you have no way to reach her or talk to her,” Ms. Mobley told the paper in 2008.

Since the family has reunited, they reportedly feel as if they have already known each other all their lives.

“First meeting was beautiful, it was wonderful, couldn’t went no better…” Aiken told WCSC. “She was glad to meet us.”

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“It’s a feeling that you can’t explain it, it’s hard to put it in words right now — it’s hard to deal with this here right now,” he added. “We are just trying to process it, 18 years, it’s going to be hard to make that up.”

Kamiyah’s ‘adopted’ father Charles Manigo, who was unaware that his daughter had been abducted from another family, was heartbroken to discover the bombshell. However, the man says that he still loves and cares for the teen as his daughter despite her newly-revealed history.

Williams is currently in police custody awaiting trial for first-degree kidnapping and third-degree interference with custody.

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