Burger King logoWith nearly one in three American children obese or overweight, 19 U.S. restaurant chains, including Burger King and IHOP, are backing an industry effort to serve and promote healthier meals for children.

As part of the effort, Burger King this month will make sliced apples and fat-free milk or juice the default choices for its kids’ meals. French fries and soda will remain on the menu but customers will have to request them.

The announcement on Wednesday from the National Restaurant Association comes as health officials, along with the American Academy of Pediatrics and consumer advocates, utilize law suits and legislation to pressure restaurants into reducing the calories and improving the nutritional value in kids meals.

(READ the Reuters story in the MSNBC)


  1. It would be nice for restaurants to offer foods that doesn’t contain artificial ingredients such as preservatives, flavors, and colors. And be more like organic foods such as no GMOs, herbicide use, artificial hormone injections, etc.

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