App store iPhone -Apple graphicApple celebrated another milestone Sunday after passing 25 billion downloads from its App Store. On its website, Apple featured a promotional countdown clock, saying “A billion thanks. 25 times over.”

The 25 billionth app download, “Where’s My Water? Free”, was downloaded by Chunli Fu of Qingdao, China. As the grand prize winner of Apple’s 25 Billion Apps Countdown Promotion, Chunli Fu will receive a $10,000 App Store Gift Card.

A study in February showing that there are now roughly 466,000 jobs in the “App Economy” in the United States, up from zero in 2007, according to

The average user downloads just under 80 applications, paid and free, with the Facebook app being the most popular free app, and Angry Birds, the most popular paid app.

(READ the story in Forbes Magazine)

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