While working at his second job with an airline in Kansas City, Robert Lewis peeked into a bag to find “$266,000 worth of individually wrapped diamond rings and wedding bands.” He turned the sack over to police, and for his honesty he received a $10,000 reward from the jewelry store that owned them. (AP)


  1. Great news. Reminds me of taxi drivers in New York and other cases. This will improve the spirit of all the workers at that airport – making them want to emulate this man and give them a sense of pride. It also lifts many people up around the world who hear about it. Si many people are honest. I lost my wallet 3 times now and always was returned with cash intact. I also found one with hundreds of pounds in and handed it in 🙂

  2. I second Andrew’s comment on the world abounding in human honesty. I also lost my wallet once on the sidewalk of a busy city street. A lottery ticket vendor found it and called the only number I had on a pice of paper i the wallet, which went to a tour guide i once had who is my brother-in-law’s cousin, and they contacted me to pick it up!

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