lottery Cash Craze ticket from MarylandA struggling Baltimore parish received a surprising donation two Sundays ago, when a winning lottery scratch-off ticket arrived in the collection plate.

The Maryland Lottery ticket, which was already scratched revealing the prize, was discovered by the church’s pastor when tallying the day’s contributions.
“I’m not too familiar with these tickets,” said the pastor. “I asked somebody if it was a winner.” The response was “It looks like it’s a winner to me.” With this affirmation, the 55-year-old church leader brought the ticket to Lottery Headquarters, where the generosity of an anonymous individual was confirmed.

The church, which has been experiencing financial difficulties, will use the money toward operating expenses, but the pastor also wishes to give some back to the people. “We have a lot of people in need,” he said. “Hopefully, we can give some back, especially since this is the way we received it.”

Although this unexpected windfall is much-appreciated, the church still faces financial challenges.  With that in mind, the smiling pastor said that he intends to buy $5 worth of Mega Millions tickets for Friday night’s drawing which has a jackpot of $312 million.

The donated Cash Craze winning ticket was purchased at #1 Liberty Mart, located at 8625 Liberty Rd. in Randallstown.


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