Photo by Clarita, via morguefile.comAn L.A. attorney who, for years, had experienced a lot of bad luck in his life heard an inner voice telling him to start writing Thank You notes.

John Kralik wrote a thank-you card every day for an entire year — to his daughter’s piano teacher, a worker at Starbucks, and the lady who cuts his hair — and it changed his life.

He wrote a book, called, 365 Thank Yous: The Year a Simple Act of Daily Gratitude Changed My Life.

WATCH the video below from Steve Hartman via CBS…

 Photo by Clarita, via



  1. I love this!

    We implemented thank you notes in our corporate service department targeted at our field offices.

    It greatly improved department self esteem and relationships between corporate and the field offices.

    I know I enjoy sending them.

  2. It was such a coincidence seeing this story because the previous day the thought came to me that I would like to write a thank you note to a family whose sons had often invited our sons over for sleepovers. The kids are getting older now, and they may grow apart.

    The thought just came to me that I’d like to officially thank them for hosting the gang at their home for so many nights.

  3. Oh, and John… I loved the story you added in the top comment above, about your company using thank you notes. It really DOES have powerful and positive effect when notes are written. 🙂

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