Dan Kennedy was driving to work Tuesday morning near Salt Lake City when he saw a huge orange bag fall off the back of an armored Brink’s truck.

When he stopped to investigate, he found wads and wads of $50s and $100s — thousands of dollars stacked in “steak-sized” plastic bags.

He tried and failed to chase down the truck after discovering the bag’s contents, according to KSL-TV. Then he took the 75-pound bag with him to work.

The Utah Highway Patrol is praising the honest Samaritan who had not a thought about keeping the money.

“I didn’t really think about anything else,” he told the reporter. “You would do it… you would, too.”

Last October an honest citizen faced the same situation, when a bag with more than $100,000 fell out of another Brink’s truck near Haifa in Israel. “Just like in the movies,” Yarden Ben Ezra was shocked to see a bag of cash tumble off the truck. He said it was clear that he would return the money.

(WATCH the video below or READ the story from KSL News)

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