couple closeup-SunStarA pair of Atlanta bloggers realized, after announcing their imminent engagement, that there were a lot of people dissing marriage: They heard so many negative comments about how hard marriage is, and an insistence that most marriages don’t work out.

Now they’ve been married for nine years. It was time to write an article penning all the good things they’ve discovered about marriage.

“When people are unhappy, they don’t have any problems telling everyone that will listen,” says Ronnie Tyler. “Happily married couples need to start speaking up and sharing the good news about marriage.”

“Yes, marriage is work, but don’t forget to share all of the wonderful benefits too.”

Indeed, at least heath-wise, recent studies have shown that married couples tend to live longer and adapt better to health setbacks than their single counterparts.

Tyler identified five lovely things about marriage that she wondered why no one shared before, including, the quiet time, surprise treats, and all the burdens lifted.

“How come no one ever told me about the quiet moments in the bedroom? They never told me just how precious the few minutes in the morning, when it’s still dark out and everybody else in the house is asleep, could be.”

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Thanks to Chris McAuliff for sending the link! – Photo by Sun Star

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