Esmond Allcock is responsible for 71 different descendants, but none of them have ever been named after him – until now.

Allcock just turned 108 years old, making him the oldest man in all of Canada. Not only that, but he has the family to show for it; he is a father to six, a grandfather to 17, a great-grandfather to 36 and a great-great-grandfather to 12.

One of the grandchildren, Jenna Lehne from Alberta, just gave birth to a son in January – and she named him Esmond.

Lehne says that she is especially glad to give Esmond his name sake after all the happy memories that they shared when she was a youngster.

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Lehne told Love What Matters: “While I was learning to walk, I’d make him hold my hands and parade me around the room. All I had to do was crawl up to him and say, ‘Walk Walk,’ and away we’d go. When I got a bit older, he would remember me and call me his little buddy.

“When I found out I was pregnant with my first son, he got on the phone and called all his children to let them know that I was increasing the population. When I got pregnant with my second, he mentioned to my grandmother that he was responsible for 71 descendants and no one had named their son after him. My husband and I had wanted to name our new son after family, and that just sealed the deal.”

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When Lehne and her husband took Esmond Jr. to meet his great-grandfather, Esmond Sr. could not contain his joy.

“As he held my son, he kissed his head and said over and over again, ‘You don’t know what this means to me. You don’t know what this means to me.’

“I wish I could fully explain how much it meant to me,” she said. “I am blessed.”

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