Two in five Americans dream about the day they can tell their boss they quit, according to a new survey—but it’s not necessarily because they hate their job. Instead, it’s because 67% have dreams of being an entrepreneur.

And, people really do feel their ideas could change the world – results show that, of those who aspire to open a business, 68 percent believe their idea would be revolutionary for the industry.

The international survey of 23,500 respondents – spanning 24 countries and including 2,000 Americans – looked at the entrepreneurship dreams of people around the globe, as well as their motivations and the challenges they face.

Across the globe, the top reason to start a business was found to be following a passion (64%).

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For Americans, other reasons included being their own boss (59%), supporting their family (51%), and wanting to solve a problem/improve the world (36%).

Commissioned by Herbalife Nutrition and conducted by OnePoll, the survey found that 52% of aspiring American entrepreneurs have already taken steps to open their business.

But that doesn’t mean there’s any easy road in front of them: With all the barriers business owners face, 81% of Americans interested in starting a business feel overwhelmed by the prospect—and compared to those in other countries, more are anticipating failure before starting. Three-quarters (76%) feel they may never have the opportunity to follow their dream, compared to 69% globally.

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The biggest barrier to entrepreneurship across the globe was found to be the initial cost of opening a business (65%). Other barriers to opening a business include fears of profitability (38%) and a lack of financing/marketing knowledge support (38%).

But, 3 in 10 aspiring American entrepreneurs were unsure even of which steps to take in order to start.

Of those who currently own a business, 41% took the leap after having a dream, listening to their gut, or being encouraged by family.

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From the initial idea to actually starting the business, it took respondents an average of three years to implement their dream.

Ability to be my own boss – 66 percent
Flexibility in my work/life schedule – 58 percent
Ability to pursue my passion – 54 percent
Potential to grow my income – 51 percent
Increased job satisfaction – 45 percent

The initial cost to open a business – 64 percent
Worried it wouldn’t be profitable – 38 percent
Lack of financing/market knowledge support – 38 percent
Worried it wouldn’t be successful – 36 percent
Unsure what steps to take in order to start – 29 percent

Their dream – 41 percent
Listened to my gut/intuition – 37 percent
Encouragement from family – 37 percent
Encouragement from friends – 31 percent
Income changes (loss or gain) – 29 percent

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