You may be familiar with Kylie Brown and Snowflake the duck after their adorable story first appeared in the media a few years ago.

For one reason or another, Snowflake became particularly attached to the 8-year-old girl  in 2015 after her parents first brought him home. No matter where she went, he was determined to be by her side—they are now inseparable.

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So when Snowflake refused to leave Kylie in the house and stay in the backyard, her parents simply gave him a diaper and welcomed him into their home as a “house duck”.

Together, Kylie and her feathered friend have gone on family vacations; attended soccer practices; gone sledding; and even been trick-or-treating.

Kylie, who insists that she is Snowflake’s mother, is now working on getting Snowflake licensed as a therapy duck so they can use their adorable relationship to bring joy to other people as well.

(WATCH the video below *NOTE: our international readers can check out the footage on the CBS News website) – Photo by the Brown family

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