Never was there a story of true love like Jack and Diane: an emu and donkey that have been given a loving new home courtesy of a television star who couldn’t bear to see them separated.

Animal rescue organization Carolina Waterfowl Rescue first found Jack and Diane on an abandoned farm in South Carolina.

Though the owner of the farm had skipped town and left the animals to fend for themselves, Jack and Diane found comfort in each other, resulting in an unshakeable bond of friendship.

The Waterfowl Rescue, which is based out of North Carolina, took the emu and donkey back to their sanctuary and posted photos of the dynamic duo to social media in hopes that they could find a home for both of them, saying that “where one goes, the other follows.”

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Though Jack and Diane received plenty of social media traction, they happened to catch the eye of Jeffrey Dean Morgan, an actor on the critically-acclaimed TV show The Walking Dead.

Morgan and his wife, actress Hilarie Burton, own a farm in Hudson Valley, New York that is already home to a “menagerie” of donkeys, cows, and other unusual critters.


So when the couple read about the plight of Jack and Diane in November, they were more than happy to welcome the star-crossed animals.

Earlier this week, Morgan made a Twitter post saying that Jack and Diane had successfully been transported to their new home where they are settling in nicely and enjoying nighttime treats of apples and berries.



Morgan has promised to post pictures of Jack and Diane once they have grown more comfortable at the farm, but as further testament to the love between his new animal companions, Morgan wrote a final anecdote about their journey to the farm.

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“When they got here today… in a 3 or 4 stall trailer… Diane had crawled underneath the door separating them and rode for god knows how many hours, laying beneath/between Jacks legs,” said Morgan. “Made me smile big. Love is an amazing thing.”

(WATCH the footage of Jack and Diane’s new home below) – Feature photo by Carolina Waterfowl Rescue

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Jack and Diane in their new home.

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