Vivian Bailey, 97, has spent the past 15 years fundraising for the children at Running Brook Elementary School in Maryland, so they can go on educational field trips. When she was growing up, attending a poor school in the South, they never had such opportunities, which is why she wanted to make a difference for these students.

Finally, last week, she got to travel on one of her own, to the U.S. Capitol Building in Washington, D.C. It was her very first field trip.

“Children out on the western part of the county where we have all these millionaires get these fabulous field trips. The parents of these children don’t have that type of money and I’m just determined that our children get the advantage of field trips,” she told WTTG-TV.

Her second trip is already in the works.

(READ the full story, w/ photos, from WTTG-5)

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