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Orangutan Who Was Granted Personhood Finally Finds Happiness in Florida Sanctuary

Though Sandra the orangutan had to overcome challenges in order to be freed from her Argentinian zoo enclosure, she now has a chance at true happiness in Florida.

Man With No Kids of His Own Pays Off Lunch Debts for Every Child in 9 Florida Schools

When a Palm Beach County man heard that more than 400 kids couldn't get a full lunch at school because they owed money, he knew he wanted to do something.

Watch Rescuers Form a Human Chain to Save Four Dolphins Trapped in Florida Canal

More than a dozen rescuers donned their swimming gear and waded into the St. Petersburg canal in order to save the cetaceans this week.

Canadian Man on Vacation in Florida Serendipitously Saved By Stranger From His Hometown

A Canadian man was on vacation in Florida last month when he suddenly went into cardiac arrest – luckily, he was saved by a stranger from his hometown.

Florida Set to Become a World Leader in Renewable Energy With 30 Million New Solar Panels

The initiative is expected to become “the largest installation of solar panels by a regulated utility in the world.”

Bank Wants to Help Customers Affected by Hurricane, Waives 3 Big Fees in Florida

Hurricane Irma has impacted almost everyone in Florida, transplanting many from their homes and disrupting their lives. Something as simple as not having a...

Tesla Remotely Extends Range of its Vehicles in Florida to Help Hurricane Irma Evacuees

Tech giant Tesla has just assisted Floridian homeowners in fleeing the evacuation zone of Hurricane Irma – and gave up a couple thousand dollars of...

Airlines Did the Right Thing in Florida Ahead of Hurricane

After reports of price gouging in the lead up to Hurricane Irma, JetBlue reduced its fares, American Airlines, with a major hub in Miami,...

Florida Panther Populations Increase Sharply Since Days When 20 Remained

The endangered Florida panther is improving its chances of survival every day—with a little help from their government friends. The estimated number of endangered Florida panthers...

World’s First Neighborhood For Children Recovering From Abuse is Underway in Florida

The West Melbourne neighborhood will consist of seven foster homes and a community center ready to house up to 35 neglected children.

These 4 Endangered Flowers Will Not Perish Under Florida Bulldozers

Thanks to the Endangered Species Act, these four breathtaking shrubs will be given a fighting chance against building projects threatening their survival.

Friends Convert Tractor Trailer into Six Modern Showers for Florida Homeless (WATCH)

Two Florida men are lifting the self-esteem and happiness of homeless folks, debuting a huge air-conditioned trailer outfitted with six shower stalls.

A 3,000-Mile Bike Path Will Soon Stretch From Florida To Maine

What may be the longest bike path in the world is in the works — stretching the entire length of the Eastern United States...

Watch Florida Cops Save a Birthday for Autistic Boy When No One Shows Up

When no one sent an RSVP after being invited to a birthday party for an autistic boy, the local police department showed up in force. Daniel...

Success: Green Sea Turtles of Florida and Mexico No Longer Endangered

Years of coordinated conservation efforts have paid off for the green sea turtle populations in Florida and the Pacific coast of Mexico. The Fish...

Girls Hang Sweaters Around Florida Lamp Posts For Homeless to Find

Some of Florida's homeless are going to be toasty this week following a cold spell in the state, thanks to a group of young girls...

Homeless Family Given a Home in Time For Christmas From Florida Cop Who Rallies Realtors

When a family was in need of a Christmas miracle to get them back on their feet, a compassionate police officer became their guardian...

Family Finds 300-yo Golden Treasure in Shallow Florida Waters

Within days of the anniversary that a Spanish fleet wrecked in a hurricane off the coast of Florida 300 years ago, a family of treasure divers uncovered a...

Pizza Restaurant “Pies it Forward” in Florida

Soon after pizza lover Phil Solorzano opened his family’s fourth restaurant in a Florida beach town, he started a “Pie It Forward” movement that...

Gambler-Turned-Treehugger Spends Fortune To Restore Florida Forests

An American who made his fortune through gambling and investing in real estate has created the largest block of conservation land privately owned East...