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Survey Says That 76% of American Parents Are Being Motivated By Their Kids to Go Green

A new survey of American households says that the younger generation may be driving the change for “eco-households” more than anyone thought. While parents should...

Watch the Adorable Video of US Student Teaching Italian Kids to Play American Football

This blog was submitted to GNN by Joe O'Neil. If you have any positive stories of your own that you would like to share...

Charity Has Been Secretly Fulfilling Small Wishes for Homeless Kids Who Could Use the Self-Esteem Boost

This organization has been making a big impact on the lives of homeless children – and they do it all with small gifts and requests.

Superhero Kids and Families Get Day Away From Cancer at Great America Amusement Park This Mother’s Day

Imagine 500 kids with cancer wearing superhero capes as they explore California’s Great America amusement park in Santa Clara. Well, that’s exactly what will...

Pilots Are Giving Free Flights to Diverse Kids Who Need High-Flying Role Models and Mentors

Less than 10% of America's aviation workers are people of color – but these pilots are hoping to change that by taking kids under their wings.

High School Kids Praise Anonymous Man Who Paid for Their Dinner With One Specific Condition

A group of teenagers had a particularly memorable prom night after an anonymous man offered to pay for their dinner with a simple stipulation.

After 12 Years of Waving to Students From Her Window, Watch Her Reaction to 400 Kids Saying Goodbye

This 88-year-old woman is finally retiring from her daytime hobby of waving to local youngsters – so the kids made sure to give her a proper sendoff.

Guys Who Befriended Solitary Widow Have ‘Vowed’ to Make Time for Her: ‘I already feel like we’re her grandkids’

After these three young men reached out to an older woman who was eating dinner by herself, they are all now apparently as thick as thieves.

Role Model Dad Spurred to Lose 92 Pounds in 5 Months After One Hiking Trip With His Kids

This 40-year-old father has undergone a stunning transformation after he endured a fateful hiking trip with his family in 2017.

Laundromats Are Hosting Story Times for Kids So They Can Improve Their Literacy on Laundry Day

Rather than being forced to watch their parents do laundry, these children are being given an educational boost thanks to some volunteer librarians.

Dad Turns Board Games into Bed Sheets So Sick Kids Lying in Hospitals Won’t Get Bored

As a means of fighting the tedium of plain white hospital rooms, this entrepreneur was inspired to create interactive bed sheets for young patients.

Bus Transformed into Mobile Classroom Lets Thousands of Disadvantaged Kids and Adults Get Their Diplomas

Most school buses arrive to take students to class – but this bus brings the class to the students. This refurbished bus is equipped with...

School District Turns Unused Cafeteria Food into Take-Home Meals for Kids in Need

This school district from Indiana has come up with a brilliant solution for both food waste and student hunger.

Seniors Conquer Loneliness and Chores With App That Hires ‘Grandkids On-Demand’ at College

Seniors no longer have to suffer through the loneliness of their golden years thanks to an app that pairs them with “grandkids on-demand”.

Fifth Graders Launch Their Own Kindness Club at School – and Bullied Kids Are Already Benefiting

Kindness is seeping into the classrooms and corridors of an elementary school in Minnesota thanks to a group of fifth-graders. The kids at Parker Elementary School started...

Rather Than Hiding Treasures in a Trophy Room, NBA Legend is ‘Selling It All’ for Underprivileged Kids

“When it comes to choosing between storing a championship ring in a room, or providing kids with an opportunity ... the choice is pretty simple.”

Officer Becomes Hero to Neighborhood Kids After Sitting Down to Play With Girls Who ‘Were Afraid of Cops’

This police officer has become a local celebrity after he took the time to befriend some local children who expressed a fear of cops.

The Science of The Magic Hour: Why We Should Read to Each Other – Especially Our Kids

Reading aloud to children and elderly family members is not just a bonding experience – it's also a neurological booster shot for everyone involved.

Working Mom of Two Kids Has Won 11 World Boxing Titles – and She’s Still Not Finished at 42 Years Old

There are not many boxers who are in their 40s – but that hasn't stopped this mother-of-two from taking down her opponents in the ring.

Viral Photo Shows Two Kids Stopped in the Road to Pay Respects to Fire Department Flag Being Raised

Two kids from North Carolina are being praised for their heartwarming display of reverence earlier this week.