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Coffee Helps Rwanda Move Forward 20 Years After Genocide

This week marks the 20th anniversary of the start of the Rwandan Genocide that claimed the lives of up to a million members of...
Rwandan family w BC Professor-UNICCEF

Canadian Professor Expanding Nutritional Program to a Quarter-Million Rwandan Children

UNICEF and the government of Rwanda have invited a professor from the University of B.C. to expand a 12-month nutritional pilot study involving 1,100...
tree planting in Rwanda - UNEP photo

Forest Policies in Rwanda, US and Gambia Win UN-backed Awards

Rwanda won a United Nations-backed gold award for its forest promotion policies, an event that former US track and field star Carl Lewis, a...

Recalling a Hero of the Rwandan Genocide

On the 17th anniversary to mark the start of the Rwandan genocide, read the story of Carl Wilkens -- the only American to stay...
villagers waiting with a truckload, USAID photo

Rwanda the Cleanest Country, After Monthly Litter Cleanups With the President

Rwanda has become one of the cleanest countries in the world -- as clean as Switzerland -- thanks to new laws requiring every citizen...

14 Year Old Makes a Difference for Rwandan Girls

Jessica was only a sixth grader when she learned that most girls in Rwanda are orphans, and they don't have the money or materials...

Former Foes Congo, Rwanda Agree to Share Energy

Former foes Congo and Rwanda have agreed to a joint project to produce 200 megawatts of power from methane gas reservoirs in the lake...

Rick Warren Helps Rwanda Become a Country With a Purpose

Pastor Rick Warren, author of The Purpose-Driven Life, along with the president of Rwanda launched '40 Days of Purpose' for thousands of Rwandan Christians,...

Congo, Rwanda and Uganda Unite to Save Mountain Gorillas

Borders will matter less to central Africa’s mountain gorillas, following the launch of a strategic conservation plan which covers adjoining areas of Rwanda,...

Good News in History, July 1

85 years ago today, Sydney Pollack, the director, producer, and actor, was born in Indiana. His 1985 film Out of Africa won him two...

World Bank is Giving $22 Billion in Funding to Help All of Africa Stave Off Climate Change

The entire continent of Africa is set to receive a huge financial windfall from the World Bank in order to mitigate and adapt to climate change.

La NASA Felizmente Reporta que lla Tierra es más Verde, Con más Árboles Que 20 Años Atrás- Gracias a China e India

El mundo es literalmente un lugar más verde de lo que era hace 20 años, y los datos recolectados por los satélites de la...

Everyone is Celebrating Congo’s Massive New Park Since Similar Preserve Saved Gorillas From Extinction

Now that mountain gorillas have rebounded from their listing as “critically endangered”, conservationists are hopeful for its relatives in the Congo.

En vez de Quemar Carbón, El Nuevo Combustible con Cero Emisiones Contaminantes – Está Hecho de Aguas Residuales

Esta empresa ha desarrollado un ingenioso remplazo para el carbón y lo hicieron usando el derivado más común del ser humano. Ingelia es una compañía española que...

El Histórico Buque de Limpieza del Pacífico Ha sido Exitoso Con las Pruebas en el Mar Y Pronto Llegará al Parche de Basura

En un logro histórico de la conservación oceánica, la muy anticipada iniciativa de Limpieza Oceánica que fue creada por un jóven Holandés ha zarpado...

Este Hombre Previene Que Los Niños Talen Árboles, Los Ayuda A Entrar A La Escuela Y Salva El Medioambiente, Todo Al Mismo Tiempo

Nacido y criado en Kitabi, una villa pobre en el sur de Rwanda, Jean Bosco Nzeyimana creció sin electricidad ni agua potable. La abrumadora mayoría...

HIV Vaccine Inspires Hope After ‘Promising’ Results in Human Trials

The treatment was shown to evoke an anti-HIV immune response in all of the healthy patients who received the treatment.

Portals That Connect People From Different Countries Are Helping to ‘Start World Peace’

There are over 30 of these portals all over the world, and they are already being hailed as a means of “changing lives” and “starting world peace.”

Black Rhinos Return to Landscapes 50 Years After They Were Wiped Out

The black rhino has not been seen on the Chadian plains since the 1970s – but thanks to a “historic” international collaboration, that is no longer the case.

When She Saw People Sleeping on the Dirt, She Delivered a Healthier Alternative

Thousands of people contract dangerous diseases from sleeping on dirt floors every night – which is why this Stanford student wanted to find a solution.