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Businessman Uses Nature’s Wisdom to Transform Drought-ruined Texas Hills into Lush Landscape

What was once an abandoned landscape of waterless scrubland has been transformed into a lush green oasis—thanks to the business acumen of a nature-lover...

21-Year-old Hotel Employee Hailed as Hero After Taking Care of 90 Guests During 36 Hours of Flooding in Texas

The college student served the guests for almost 3 days of sleepless work until his co-worker finally arrived to help alleviate some of the burden.

Historic First: Wind Turbines Deliver More Energy Than Coal in Texas–the Largest Consumer of Coal in US

For the first time in history, wind power has surpassed coal in Texas: the largest consumer and producer of coal energy in the country.

University of Texas Announces Full Scholarships to Residents With Family Incomes Under $65K by 2020

Texas University has vowed to cover full tuition for students from families that earn up to $65,000 a year—for more than 8,600 undergraduates.

Texas Signs ‘Save Our Lemonade Stands Bill’ as Governor Tips a Cold One on Twitter Video

Little lemonade entrepreneurs will no longer have to worry about running their lemonade stands without a business permit in Texas.

From No Cure To No Trace, Texas Girl’s Inoperable Brain Tumor Disappears

A girl’s inoperable brain tumor has vanished—and her doctors have no explanation. In June, Roxli Doss was diagnosed with a rare cancerous tumor known as...

Popcorn Seller From Texas is Now the ‘People’s Prime Minister of Australia’ (Good News Guru Podcast)

Peter Dutton isn't just an American popcorn seller—thanks to an unlikely accident of mistaken identity, he now holds the title of “The People's Prime Minister of Australia”.

Humble Popcorn Seller From Texas is Now the ‘People’s Prime Minister of Australia’

LISTEN to this story here, as told by The Good News Guru, from Friday’s radio broadcast with Ellen K and the GNN founder, on KOST-103.5 — Or, READ the story...

America’s First Permitted, 3D-printed House Was Built in Texas in Less Than 24 Hours

The organizations responsible for the home in Austin now plan on constructing entire communities of 3D-printed buildings around the world.

Texas Inmates Pool Funds to Donate $53,000 For Hurricane Harvey Relief

Some people might just write off these 6,600 inmates as criminals – but they are still trying to help their hurting home state of...

Extreme Couponing is How a Texas Mom Can Give Extreme Relief to Hurricane Victims

Kimberly Gager is not just a single mother of three children – she is also using her shopping addiction to help hurricane evacuees. Gager has...

Grammy Nominee Moved to Buy Piano for Texas Dad Who Played in Knee-deep Floodwaters

When a Texas father posted a video of himself somberly playing a piano in his flooded home, another musician became stirred to lend a...

Texas Enshrines “Sandra Bland Act” as Law After Police Encounter

Texas lawmakers have just passed the “Sandra Bland Act”: a mental health bill that addresses issues involved with the death of 28-year-old Sandra Bland...

House Votes to End Jail Time for Those Too Poor to Pay Fines in Texas

Texas legislators in the House have just voted in favor of allowing poorer residents to pay off traffic tickets in methods other than money. Low-income Texans are...

County in Texas is Helping Veterans Pay Their Utility Bills

Hidalgo County, Texas is stepping up to support their lower-income veterans in a big way.

Texas Mosque Burns Down, Donations Exceed 500K in Just 24 Hours

Regular attendees of this Texas mosque were grieving for only a short period of time before their faith in humanity was restored. //

Watch This Heartwarming Texas Lake Rescue of Lonely Fawn

Jeff Parker and his buddies were out on the boat when they came across a baby deer struggling to stay afloat in the water. //

Texas Businessman Offers Mansions to House Tornado Victims

A Texas millionaire is opening two mansions as temporary housing for families who lost their homes in the state’s recent storms. The payment due...

People Respond with Texas-Sized Generosity to Dallas Tornados

“Everything’s bigger in Texas,” the old saying goes, and Texans are demonstrating their hearts are bigger than any storm. Since December 26 when the Dallas...

Texas Cops Give A Father 3 Car Seats, Instead of a Fine

When a Cedar Park, Texas police officer came upon a man parked in a truck with an expired registration, he noticed that three small children sitting...