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Humpback Whale Population Bounces Back From Near-Extinction—From Just 450, to Over 25,000

Thanks to whaling protections put in place, the South Atlantic humpback whale population has rebounded to its former numbers from the early 1900s.

Hope on Horizon for Escaped ‘Russian Spy Whale‘ After Video of Its Rugby Skills Goes Viral

Since this video of Hvaldimir the beluga whale went viral last week, people are now rallying to help relocate the lonely cetacean to safer waters.

TripAdvisor Has Just Cut Ties With Attractions That Breed Whales and Dolphins in Captivity

The company says that their new initiative is an expansion of the animal welfare policy which they launched back in 2016.

For the First Time in 17 Years, No Whales Will Be Harpooned in Icelandic Waters

Due to a shrinking demand for whale meat and the expansion of nationally protected waters, whaling companies have abandoned their summer hunting season.

Song of One of the Rarest Whales On the Planet Recorded for First Time (LISTEN)

For the first time in history, researchers have captured an audio recording of the extremely endangered north pacific right whale.

Canada Bans the Captivity and Breeding of Dolphins and Whales for Entertainment Purposes

The Canadian House of Commons has just approved a ban on the captivity of cetaceans for any purpose other than rescue, rehabilitation, or research.

Watch Beluga Whale (Accused of Being a Russian Spy) Assist Woman Who Dropped Her Phone in the Sea

Even though it has been accused of being an alleged Russian spy, this beluga whale has proven itself to be very polite in international waters.

Watch Fisherman Climb On Entangled Whale’s Back So He Can Set It Free

Even though this daring young fisherman succeeded in rescuing the whale, this should not be attempted by anyone except a professional.

Watch a Family of Divers Rescue a Whale Shark With Rope Wrapped Around Its Body

Though whale sharks typically swim away when they're touched, this gentle giant stayed calmly in place throughout the 45-minute rescue effort.

10-Year-old is Traveling 620 Miles to Clean-up Coastlines, After Whale Dies With 30 Plastic Bags Ingested

When Lilly Platt first heard about the ‘plastic whale’ that washed up on a Norway beach, she became determined to clean up ocean pollution – no matter how many miles were in the way.

Watch Whale Reportedly Protect Diver From Nearby Shark

This snorkeler was confused as to why a humpback whale was hanging around her so persistently – but then she saw the 15-foot tiger shark swimming nearby.

Vancouver Bans the Use of Dolphins and Whales in Aquariums

In a unanimous vote, the Vancouver, BC park board has banned the use of dolphins, beluga whales, and other cetaceans being held in captivity...

Hundreds of Stranded New Zealand Whales Swim Free

In one of New Zealand's largest mass whale beachings, over 240 pilot whales were saved by the coming tide. Since Thursday night, hundreds of the...

Girl Called ‘Fat Whale’ Turns Cyberbullying Humiliation into Saving The Whales

When a classmate posted on social media calling her a “fat whale,” this brave teen turned that act of cyberbullying into an online effort...

Heroic Diver Spends Hour Cutting Whale Loose From Fishing Line (WATCH)

A diver in the Canary Islands had a whale of a time freeing a 45-foot-mammal from entanglement – working for over an hour.

London’s Thames is Coming Back to Life With Whales, Dolphins, and Seals

If you mention whale watching, not too many people will think of London, but an environmental comeback has led to dozens of sightings in...

SeaWorld to End Orca Whale Shows in California (WATCH)

After plunging attendance and a state commission banning captive breeding of Orcas, SeaWorld is stopping its killer whale shows in San Diego.

Beluga Whale Stuns Navy Team With Amazingly Human Chatter (LISTEN)

An underwater prankster that talks like a human is stirring up conversation off the Southern California coast. The beluga whale that was tamed in the...

Paddleboarder’s Peaceful Encounter with Two Whales Captured by Drone (WATCH)

This whale watcher actually appears to be the one being watched—by a pair of lounging mammals. When two friends in Esperance, Australia heard that southern...

Navy Silences “Whale-Harming” Sonar to Protect Marine Mammals

Whales and dolphins are getting some long sought peace and quiet from the U.S. Navy. The service has agreed to stop using certain types of sonar—or sound waves—believed to...