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For the First Time in History, America’s Renewable Energy Capacity is Now Greater Than Coal

A recent report on American energy capacity for the month of April shows that new renewable energy capacity has finally surpassed that of coal.

One of the Largest Native American Tribes Has Just Voted to End Their 100-Year Dependency on Coal

Immediately after rejecting the acquisition of an Arizona coal mine, the Navajo Council announced their new dedication to renewable energy.

Appalachian Coal Miners Who Lost Their Jobs Are Being Retrained as Beekeepers – for Free

As a means of lifting former coal miners out of poverty, this West Virginia nonprofit is retraining them to be beekeepers.

US Coal Consumption Drops to Lowest Level Since 1979

Despite what some people might say about renewable energy in the US, this new report says that coal usage has just reached a 39-year low.

For First Time Ever, Renewables Overtake Coal As #1 Energy Source in ‘Europe’s Biggest Economy’

After a notable increase in production from 2017, renewable energy produced 40% of the nation's power in 2018.

Abandoned Coal Mines May Soon Be Transformed into Perfectly Efficient Indoor Farms

Coal mine farming is becoming a groundbreaking new way of simultaneously fighting unemployment, hunger, climate change, and deforestation.

Instead of Burning Coal, New Fuel Emits Zero Harmful Emissions – and It’s Made From Sewage

These little pellets are the perfect zero-emission replacement for coal – and they're made using sewage waste.

With Most of Their Coal Mines Closing by End of the Year, Spain is Spending Millions to Preserve Miners’ Livelihood

The initiative will benefit hundreds of coal miners who may have otherwise been left behind by the shift towards green energy.

US Power Producers’ Coal Consumption Falls to 35-Year Low

The new data highlights a continuous decline in coal-fired generation, which encourages optimism for America's transition to sustainability.

One of the World’s Biggest Power Plant Developers Just Gave Up On Coal

The Japanese company's initiative is being hailed as a watershed moment in the global fight against climate change.

France Will Shut Down Its Coal Plants by 2021, Two Years Earlier Than Initially Planned

This is just one of the initiatives employed by the country to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 and establish themselves as leading fighters against climate change.

China is Building Another Enormous Floating Solar Farm on Top of Abandoned Coal Mine

The floating solar farm that previously held the “world's-largest” title resides in the very same city as the new one in China.

US City Long Known for Coal Announces Pledge to Pursue 100% Renewable Energy

St Louis, a city that currently gleans about 80% of its energy from coal-powered sources, has just announced its plans to became 100% dependent...

France Plans to Eliminate Coal by 2022 and Petrol Cars by 2040

French representatives have just announced plans to ban the use of petrol and diesel fueled cars by 2040. The decision was released just one day...

Company is Offering to Retrain Coal Miners as Wind Farmers For Free

As demand for coal drops further and further in light of expanding renewable energy sources, more and more American workers are faced with unemployment and...

Bloomberg Gives $3Mil to Job Training For Coal Communities in Decline

Bloomberg Philanthropies announced today a three million dollar donation for organizations providing career training to coal workers affected by job losses throughout an industry in decline. The funds...

French President Announces Plans to Close All Coal Power Plants by 2023

During the UN's annual COP22 climate change talks, President Hollande announced the country's plan to close all coal-fired power plants by 2023.

University Coal Use Has Plunged 64% Since 2008

It was only a little less than a decade ago that American universities were burning over 2 million tons of coal a year.

Teen Makes Charcoal Portraits of Entire Graduating Class, Unifying Fractured School (Video)

A young artist’s simple plan to give fellow students a personal graduation gift turned into a unifying force for calming racial tensions and lifting...