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Since 1997, people have turned to the Good News Network® as an antidote to the barrage of negativity experienced in the mainstream media. Because of its long history and loyal fans, Good News Network is #1 on Google for “good news”.

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GNN was founded because the media, in general, was failing to focus on the positive side of things: In the 1990’s while homicide rates in the U.S. plummeted by 42 percent, television news coverage of murders surged more than 700 percent! (Center for Media and Public Affairs)

People need a well-balanced media diet, so our daily dose of ‘News to Enthuse’ is like Vitamin G for the spirit.

The website was specifically created to be a FOR-profit business in order to finally prove the founder’s precept that good news actually does sell. Go to our website to donate and become a member.


One person has been the force behind creating and updating the website since it was first launched in her lakeside home more than 20 years ago. A woman dubbed by the Washington Post as the “Good News Guru,” Geri Weis-Corbley became the first expert in the field of positive news in the U.S. Today her website serves millions of page views every month.

Working in TV news in Washington, D.C., freelancing for companies like CNN (the ‘Constantly Negative News’), Geri first conceived of the Good News Network in 1982. Later, after leaving her video career, and raising three children in 1997, she taught herself to code in html, and the Good News Network website, on a simple yellow background, was born.


Her website has been highlighted by Katie Couric on the CBS Evening News, featured on NPR, the BBC, in Rolling Stone and numerous publications and other programs.

Former Sec. of State, Gen. Colin Powell wrote a note to Good News Network saying, “I enjoyed reading the positive stories… Keep up your good work”


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Are you a non-profit? We are not. One of our business goals is to prove that good news sells. We believe good news has VALUE and people WANT it enough to allow advertisements, and even support it financially: Go to our website to donate or become a member.

Is the site free? Yes. All our good news is free. We have special bonus gifts for those who become Members, but all the website content is free. Go to our website to donate or become a member.

Are you hiring? Not currently, but we will announce such news on our blog and Facebook Page or you can send a message.

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The Good News Network is an extremely important initiative. I recommend that each person makes it a habit to visit the website at least once a day. Positive information benefits us emotionally, physically, and mentally. It can contribute in a meaningful way to a happier and healthier life.” – Famed Harvard psychologist and author Tal Ben-Shahar