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Maroon 5’s lead singer Adam Levine showed his humanity last week after he made a dream come true for a little boy with Down syndrome. Not only that, the celebrity laid down on the floor next to him after the boy curled up, seemingly overwhelmed to meet his idol.

10-year-old Christopher Warner knows all the lyrics to his favorite Maroon 5 songs. His Adam Levine artwork and enthusiastic singing was recorded in a video by his special education teachers. With mom’s okay, they posted the video on YouTube to let the pop star know about his “#1 fan.taylor-swift-selfie-with-fan

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It went viral with 1.7 million views, and attracted the attention of local media, in particular, radio station Hot 99.5. Chris’s teachers reached out to The Kane Show hosts who pulled some strings with the record company and arranged for Chris and his mom to meet the band at a concert near Washington, DC.

After enjoying the VIP seats for the performance, they went backstage to meet with the radio folks and the band. It became all too much for the boy, who suddenly curled up behind his mom on the floor before any photos could be taken with his heroes.

But Levine knew exactly how to handle the situation. Rather than coaxing Chris to do something he didn’t want to, the band all laid down on the floor around him for the group photo (below).

(WATCH the video of Chris below)

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