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Aetna became the latest large corporation to announce a voluntary minimum wage hike. The health insurer joins Wal-mart, Target and McDonald’s in enacting large raises for its lowest earning workers.

Around 5,700 Aetna employees in the U.S. earned the new wages in checks issued on April 24 which paid $16 per hour.

On average, the company’s CEO Mark Bertolini said, it means an 11% raise for employees, but some, who were earning $12/hour, got a 33% increase.

Most of the employees benefiting are the public face of the company to customers every day, centered in customer service departments, claims administration, and and billing.

Higher hourly wages also lead to the possibility of higher bonus and 401(k) contributions.

(READ the story from NPR) – Photo by Sal Falko, CC

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