Photo by Quebec City Jean Lesage International Airport

As a means of encouraging aviation enthusiasts to pursue their passion, a Canadian airport has installed holes in their wire fencing so photographers can more easily take pictures of airplane traffic.

The Quebec City Jean Lesage International Airport, which is the 11th busiest airport in the country, recently set up 10 different “planespotting” locations around the perimeter of their airport based on their popularity with airplane photographers.

In addition to giving photographers a clearer shot of the air traffic, the holes in the fencing are also surrounded by metal frames to prevent lens scratches.

After collaborating with Quebec-based planespotting community YQB Aviation to identify the photography hotspots, the airport’s Facebook page unveiled the location of their first panel last week.

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“These panels will be strategically positioned all around the perimeter of the airport to offer a variety of views on the runways and the tarmac,” wrote the airport Facebook page.

“The first sign was installed this morning at the threshold of Runway 29 and the others will be ready for next week,” they added. “Happy planespotting!”

If you’re already gearing up to hit the runways, the airport also released a map of where the next nine panels will be located.

Photo by Quebec City Jean Lesage International Airport

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