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Pearl Jam Raises Millions for City’s Homeless, Rallies 100 Businesses to Join In

The band wanted to unite the city this week in an effort to tackle the Seattle's homelessness problem.

When Microchips Fail, Facial Recognition App is Reuniting Pets With Their Owners

The app connects hundreds of pet owners, veterinarians, and shelters together with a database of animal photos.

People Are No Longer Discriminating Against Tattoos in the Workplace, New Study Says

In fact, tattoos might make you more likely to land a job in certain markets.

Europe May Push Cell Phone Companies to Use the Same Standardized Charger

In addition to being horribly annoying, differing cell phones chargers also result in tons of electronic waste being sent to the landfill.

This Guy Has the Happiest Job in the World: Calling Lotto Winners and Telling Them They’re Millionaires

Matt Hart believes he has the best job in the world: calling lotto winners and telling them that they've beaten the odds.

First Major US City to Make Prison Phone Calls Free

The measure is set to go into full effect in 270 days after it was approved by the city council this week.

Teens Singing On the Sidewalk Get to Perform With Cyndi Lauper After Chance Encounter

These young siblings had been playing for pedestrians on the sidewalk when a famous singer happened to be walking by at the right time.

Watch Driver Take in Weary Stray Dog After It Wandered Onto His Bus From the Cold

As a self-professed animal lover, the bus driver could not bear to turn away this sweet stray from his vehicle.

First-Ever Test Tube Rhino Embryos Give Hope for Functionally Extinct Species

The groundbreaking research shows that there is still hope for the magnificent species that is balancing on the brink of extinction.

Employee Lets Autistic Teen Stock the Shelves; Video Goes Viral and Strangers Give Him $120K

A young man's kind gesture towards a teen with autism has prompted an outpouring of adoration and support for both of them.

Stoners on Social Media Are Mobilizing a Massive Litter Clean-Up Initiative

Hundreds of social media users have joined in on the #StonerCleanupInitiative as a means of cleaning up their own “green” spaces.

When Woman Can’t Afford Her Grocery Bill, She is Stunned When Her Favorite Rapper Picks Up the Tab

It has been a tough couple of years for this Atlanta widow – but when her troubles came to a tee, a humble musician stepped up to help her out.

Answering Trivia Questions With This App Can Pay Off Other People’s Student Loans

Now you can use your trivia talent to crowdfund other people's student loans and mortgage debt from your phone for free – and you can get paid to do it.

Read Leonardo Da Vinci’s To-Do List From 1490 and Be Inspired By His Insatiable Appetite for Everything

Most of our to-do lists consist of pretty innocuous things like “go to the grocery store” and “do the laundry” – but what would...

Walmart Cashier Steps In When Nail Salon Refuses Woman in Wheelchair

Ebony Harris was not about to let this customer with cerebral palsy leave the store without a gorgeous new manicure.

Homeless Man Becomes a Hero After Saving Woman Who Jumped From Bridge

Shane Drossard was risking his own life when he saved a suicidal woman earlier this week – but he says it was “his duty” to rescue her.

Schwarzenegger Uses Tank He Drove in Austria to Give Kids Another Motive to Stay in School

Arnold Schwarzenegger is helping childhood dreams come true by encouraging kids to stay in school with his 50-ton tank. When the bodybuilder served in the Austrian...

Burglars Break Down the Door and – Surprise – Face Off With a Huge Pig

Police suspect that Dumplin the pig had something to do with the burgarly's outcome earlier this week.

Girl Scout Wrote Letters to Companies, Urging Them to Ditch Plastic – And They Did

Shelby O'Neil may only be 17 years old, but she is using her voice to save billions of pounds of plastic from landfills every year.

‘Gilligan’s Island Crew’ of Puppies Rescued From Uninhabited Island – Safe and Happy

The seven pups will reportedly be named after their human counterparts from the show based off of their personality.