angel logo Linda Richard of Beaumont, Texas, delivers small hand painted ceramic angels to people living with life threatening illnesses such as HIV/AIDS and cancer, and recovering from major surgery or burns. Since 2001, Angels Of Destiny has sent thousands of angels to severely ill people, with children placed at the top of the list. As an avid collector of angels, Linda knows the comfort an angel nearby can bring…

The angels are made to represent all ethnic groups, and chosen to match the race and hair-color of the recipient.

If you’d like to request an angel for a loved one, whether at home or in a hospital, burn unit, military hospital, or cancer center, visit their website. The only cost is for shipping.

“I would like to say to everyone hoping to make a difference in this world to hold on to your dreams.” said Linda. “Find someone to believe in you (or believe in yourself).”

Angel recipients’ names are added to a prayer list and included in prayers for a full month. They will also receive a copy of The Father’s Love Letter, included as “a reminder of God’s great love for them.”

Angels Of Destiny is operated by an all volunteer staff. If you live in the Beaumont, Texas area and would like to volunteer, especially if you have experience painting ceramics, visit the website.

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