Victory Project in DallasI took some time recently to work on updating the archives at GNN-i, where all the stories are stored that I published from 1997 through Jan. 2004, before leaving for a two-year sabbatical. There is still much content to be uploaded, but am happy to report a large chunk of the Business stories are now online again! One of the most uplifting stories from Aug. 2001 is about a new sports arena in Dallas where city officials tried to avoid sending sports fans — and tax dollars — to the suburbs, by building the complex where a toxic waste dump once had been…

Brownfield is the term for a contaminated area with the potential for reuse. The Victory Project, which was developed by Ross Perot Jr., son of the U.S. presidential candidate, has become a stellar example of cleaning up a “brownfield.”


Where there once was arsenic and lead leftovers from a 100-year-old city dump, the American Airlines center opened this summer, serving sushi and sea bass to its sports and entertainment fans. Where once motor oil and benzene spills leached into soil and groundwater from abandoned industrial and railroad facilities, 8 million sq. ft. of apartments, offices, stores and entertainment will meander around the arena, providing auto-weary Dallas commuters with a place to live, work and play downtown.

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Sports Arena Rises From Toxic Wasteland

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